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Local production

After 25 years, we are still a 100% Belgian/European company and proud to produce in our own country. Our ecological footprint is minimal. Biomix Pro is therefore a thoroughly eco-friendly product!​

Sublime results without effort

For and by nature is our credo! Each product ensures optimal results with minimal effort and a positive impact on the environment. Each one is fully biodegradable yet very powerful.

Only natural ingredients

Enzymes are an important element in several products in our range. In combination with the other biological substances, they provide deep cleaning. An enzyme is minuscule and can therefore penetrate into hard-to-reach places.  In addition, they act as a catalyst for a long time, achieving great results with a little effort. Our nature and bodies are loaded with enzymes.... greener it can't be!

Unique, innovative formulas

For each application in cleaning, we look for the best, unique formula so that the most optimal result can be achieved. These formulas are also regularly renewed and/or adjusted because the climate objectives of our governments are rightly becoming increasingly stringent. Our company guarantees correct application of these rules and therefore regularly reinvents itself. Top quality!Are you interested or have any questions?

Are you interested or have any questions?